F.A.Q's TWO.


You may feel some benefit after one session,
yet sustained progress is only possible by
regular sessions over a period .  Six weekly
sessions is a good number to commit
to initially, after which we review progress
and discuss further sessions.  
How many sessions will I need?
How can I know if the therapist is
the right one for me?
What should I expect during
my firstsession?
Find out as much as you can about the
background of your therapist.  Ask them as
many questions as you like.

If after one  or two session s you do not
‘click’, or  don’t feel at ease with your
therapist, tell them  and ask them for
information about other professionals
who may be of help
Almost all therapeutic techniques work
far better when the client is aware of the
feelings and sensations in their body.
When a client’s feelings and sensations  are
reflected back to them in touch, this helps
the client to learn more about the
experiencing and extent of their feelings.
Skilful touch ‘holds’ the client, and works as a
catalyst towards a fuller bodily and emotional
A bodyworker can fulfil a teaching role and
take you on a journey of discovery of what
it is like to connect to the energy,
sensations and feelings that are there in your
body at any given stage of life.  
“Nature does
nothing uselessly

         - Aristotle
Bodywork is perfect for
those who are fed up spending
 so much time in their heads
- it’s for those who want
to expand more fully
into their body!