Abuse Survivors.
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People make  more sense of  body-focused
work in combination with other therapies .
With counselling, life coaching or cognitive
behavioural therapy, your  focus could  
be greatly enhanced by having bodywork
sessions too.
Morven’s experience is based upon 19 years  
person-centred work and  training in
humanistic psychology.  Her abilities in the
sensory field of touch  were handed down
from practitioners taught directly by Ida
Rolf MD, Wilhelm Reich, Alexander Lowen,
Milton Treger MD, Moshe Feldenkrais &
Frederick M Alexander when she studied
'Rebalancing' in the USA in the mid 1980’s.
Trauma Healing
Client Centred Working
Body/mind trauma healing techniques like
Lifespan Integration Therapy (http://www.
lifespanintegration.com) are greatly enhanced
when clients have  a clearer body awareness.
Morven  can work respectfully with clients who
use different techniques, for example
EFT (http://www.emofree.com)
Morven has a list of  other expertise and
resources  that either act as a safety net,
or otherwise complement Regeneration
Combining Counselling and Bodywork

The Connective Tissue Matrix
“I long, as does
every human
being, to be
at home
wherever I find

 Maya Angelou
“I  feel like parts of me 
that have been hiding for years
have finally come alive. 
It’s extraordinary!”