Abuse Survivors.
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Morven  is a  fully qualified person centred 
counsellor, and combined with her bodywork 
training done in the USA, she has devised this 
person-centred therapy to help you forge 
strong  interactive links with the energy and 
wisdom in your body

“The inner intelligence of the body is the ultimate and supreme genius.“


Deepak Chopra M.D.

Whilst counselling and coaching are 
increasingly popular, messages from the 
body can easily get ignored. This does not 
make those messages go away - but often 
makes them become distorted, confusing 
and difficult to hear
Morven has ongoingly developed her abilities
of empathic touch, and  has a keen somatic
sense that is very much in tune with the
language of the body
Human beings need to have an authentic
somatic experience so that they can
presence themselves through their body in
a genuine way. Morven uses body oriented
therapy structures and techniques that she
has found to be long lasting and effective in
her 19  years of involvement with personal
development throughout the world
Heal the rift between thoughts, 
senses and  feelings - and feel whole!
“Morven's work has been a real complement to my healing  journey ... each  session is a new adventure that brings me closer into balance”           Gail Gregory  L.Ac.
Morven’s development as a therapist
has included work with trauma
and child abuse survivors.  If this
interests you, take a look at the
F.A.Q. page where many of your
questions will be answered
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